Gerantz is a country with a torrid past. Possessing the most accessible and verdant coastline, Gerantz has always been a center of trade. This has also made Gerantz a target for ambitious rulers and countries seeking to capitalize the Gerantzian’s unique geographic position. The land has changed hands innumerable times over the centuries, leading to a rather cosmopolitan and ragtag citizenry. A Gerantzian may not sell you his mother, but he might sell you her clothes. Or rather, his neighbor’s mother’s clothes.

Gerantzian is ruled by King Varlsted, mostly in name only. The real power lies with the various Merchant Princes that populate the capital of Gerantz, Hallertau. One of the more profitable of these is the Marquis (a self appointed title) Felix Ecuatorian.

Marquis Ecuatorian has recently been sending caravans of goods to the rural Northwest region of Gerantz, home to the small backcountry town of Willamette.


Mordania is a mountainous region to the northwest. Home to a hardy and superstitious (some would say simple) people, Mordania was once thought to be plagued by a large number of vampires. This quite naturally led to a lot of “mistakes”, and the rampant bloodshead was eventually reined in by the Council of Ministers, the ruling body of Mordania. The Council of Ministers holds court in the capital city of Strigania.

Mordania has a long history of conflict with its Eastern neighbor, Beregon. An uneasy peace has lasted twelve years, with only a few minor flare ups. Mordania also has interfered in Gerantzian politics from time to time.


Beregon is an expansive country to the northeast, populated by a fierce and warlike people, the Beregonians. Beregon has invaded every neighbor of their’s at least half a dozen times in the past several centuries. Their martial prowess is unmatched; however, their clannish ways rarely lead to a strong enough national movement to gain any traction beyond holding their loose confederacy of clans and tribes together. They once conquered the whole of Gerantz, only to split up amidst heavy infighting (nothing like peace time to drive an army to mutiny). Beregon’s most ardent foe is their neighbor to the east, Mordania. Beregon claims when the Mordanias expelled their vampires they encouraged them to infiltrate the Beregonian clans, leading to fifty years of unrest and intrigue. The Mordanians claim this was an attempt to excuse the regular political turmoil the Beregonians go through every few years.


Mydia is a highly commercialized nation to the southeast. They are a country of merchants and traders. They are what Gerantz would be if it could manage more than ten years of stability of time.


Qarak is a land of mystery. It is ruled by a secretive group known as the Arcane Weekender’s Society.


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